Bad Voltage Live, SCaLE 18x 2020

Those of you who weren’t at SCaLE 18x, you may want to see the show. Note that this is the SCaLE live stream, which might occasionally be difficult to watch, and we’re still discussing whether to put this out as a podcast on the normal feed (live shows tend not to work all that well as audio-only, and we’re not sure of the audio quality, but we’d be interested in your thoughts). Anyway, here’s the video: the live performance went over really well at the event! Thanks again to SCaLE and VMWare for supporting Bad Voltage, and to our special guests!

I’ve always thought the live shows were well produced and it is a pity if the audio is less good than previous live shows but you should publish it both here as a podcast and on your YouTube channel.

I wasn’t there to see it in person but I watched the live feed from Scale’s YouTube channel and I thought the show went really well.

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