Bad Voltage in 2014

So here we are, right at the beginning of 2014.

After doing three unaired test shows to trial the formula, we launched BV in 2013. We did five released shows last year, launched our new community, and started putting the pieces in place to make BV a fun podcast that anyone can be a part of. Our community is central to what we want to do.

Many of you came here from LugRadio, the Linux Action Show, the LQ Podcast, Shot Of Jaq, or from somewhere else. Some of you may have ideas and expectations about what BV could achieve, but our goal is not to simply copy what we did with those previous shows. BV is a different beast…we want it to inspire from those previous shows, but to strive to be something different…something fresh, exciting, and fun, yet authoritive and providing a valuable perspective on topics that interest our listeners.

As with every podcast, it takes time for any show to get into the swing of things, and it will take a little while for BV to really get its momentum too. I am hugely proud of how well the show has done already, but we have a long and opporunity-filled road ahead of us. 2014 is going to bring some fun topics to discuss both on the show and here on the forum, some interesting guests, new show ideas, interesting reviews, and more.

For BV to be successful we need your help though. More specifically:

  • We need you to send us feedback about what works, what doesn’t, and areas in which you think we can make the format better.
  • We need you to help spread the word about the show - share it on Twitter, Facebook, G+, Reddit and anywhere else you think of. We can’t get out to every possible listener without your help, so this is critically important!
  • We need your ideas for topics, guests, reviews, and more. Great content will make BV a show that people want to listen to.

We are totally open to ideas aout how we can make BV a better show, get more people listening to it, and get more people here in our community. Please feel free to share your suggestions!

So, without further ado…grab a glass of something…and here is to a fun year with BV in 2014!

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