Bad Voltage Fixes the F$*%ing World ! : What would you like discussed 'next'?

So in episode 1x43 , it was discussed that @jonobacon prompted a discussion on what company and/or projects Bad Voltage should focus on so that the world may go to sleep that bit easier.

Basically under this thread please add companies/projects and comments to fill the next podcast clear and distict ideas.

This was actually started on this thread for the 1x43 episode, but the aura of @sil deriding another proEFF dot org & scorching another Benson&Hegdes about how to solve these projects - meant, too good listening to miss. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just let you know the SteamOS has been thought out before, here, for reference.

Also the Introducing the Steam Controller was released yesterday.
Which is a mixture of a gamepad & a mouse, apparently.

Why not… the whole economy?

Planet Money recently did a great series on how technology could eventually put more and more people out of work(including a fantastic bit of audio fiction, “The Last Job”). It’s episodes 621-626. How we deal with (or prempt) a future where jobs are increasingly scare, seems like it could be good BV-fodder.

@rossk ross, Could be a go-er , dunno.

Anyway more news on Valve Steam Boxes - looks like November 10th is when they are shipping …

At £80 that seems pretty good for a controller and Link box.

e.g. [$1,386.97] I don’t think they take BTC.

How about one of those companies who’s components have somehow infiltrated our lives via other products, and is the supplier for the majority of products of that type.

Intel and Qualcomm are the first ones that come to mind. But any company that dominates it’s field would probably be a good target.

I’d like to know what’s going on at Tonido? Also, What would you do about Scientology, which is a Business masquerading as a cult dressed as a religion.


Here’s Scott Adam’s take on it.

Cow flatulence would also be great title for an episode.

this might just strike me now that I have returned to the classroom to teach English in a high school but how about tech inequality in education? Gates and Balmer and the book of faces guy are all about teaching kids to code…well I teach in a school that is basically to poor to even get 2nd hand chrome books- and if we did I am sure it would crash our garbage network connection. No, Im not teaching in the boonies of Africa, Im in the USA. I can only imagine what it is like when a teacher in the developing world is given an old dell from 2002 and told… you can use this every other Thursday when we have electricity and bandwith.

There certainly seems to be an overall cure to education involving Ipads.

What I don’t understand is that apple seem to cornering thev social-aspect of everyone in hospital or education being able to use an ipad ? It seems once you’ve got an ipad- you’re alright. Which isn’t the case.

It only gets worse when you see adverts on the back of the Cornflake-packet saying “But twenty packs and get an Ipad for your playschool”. It all seems abit: “Think of the children!” to me. Overused and proprietory to the max.

What a waste of a project; lining Apple’s pockets.

For me, it’s why open source conferences are so fucking expensive!

It’s a vain effort them to emanate as a proprietory event.

Basically they suffer from copy-cat syndrome.

Protonmail, the encrypted mail service (the client side is open source) has been under a massive DDOS attack during the last days from a state-level adversary.

It seems that certain states don’t want their citizens to be able to send email they can’t read.

Net result means none of the average Joes that contribute can attend. Loss all round IMO.

#OSI license.

CC0 as an attribute was withdrawn.

And he came back for more.

The Zune music service ‘Music as a service’ at Microsoft got killed.

That’s what gofundme and a host of other crowdfunding websites are exactly for.

@sil Your going to crowdfund your trip to Badvoltage Live 2016 , right ?
@jonobacon ^ Yur thoughts ?
@bryanlunduke & @jeremy ditto (?)

I would like to see this get reviewed.

World’s Smallest Linux Computer - $50, but why would you want it ?

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