Bad Voltage Best Bits

Hi Everyone,

We want to release some of our fave Bad Voltage moments as a series of short YouTube videos that will go up on

So, we need your help!

Let us know your fave moments. Ideally we are looking for 30sec - 3min long moments where you found the show particularly funny, amusing, insightful, or just plain ridiculous.

To share a best bit, just reply to this topic and share:

  • The episode number
  • The the time-stamp the moment begins
  • Quote or summarize the moment

If someone posts something and you like it, please like their post.

For the best moments, I will cut them out, put them into a video and credit you in the video for suggesting the moment.

So, get your best bits submitted!


Pretty much all the “Wrong in 60 Seconds” clips would make great YouTube clips - most are funny, to the point, and just the right length for the YouTube audience…

Hands down has to be the poetry.


Can we get a “bobbins” supercut?

Someone suggested this on IRC too.

If you folks can give me a list of shows where the word bobbins appears, with timestamps, I will cut it together. :smile:

I think that would be unbelievable comedy. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you know, I have created our first best bits clip which is the poetry contest. :slight_smile:

Great idea. :slight_smile:

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Well played, sir, well played.

Stuarts review of Kodi… loved every second of it.

I registered an account specifically so I could request this. I want to see that one where @sil rants about OpenELEC until bile flows from his eyeballs.

A kodi user writes: +1.

Loved it.

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