Bad Voltage app for Ubuntu

Thanks to the excellent work of @sil, we now have a Bad Voltage app available in the Ubuntu store, available for Ubuntu for smart-phones and tablets (and later, desktop).

With it you can see the list of episodes, see what is in each show, and listen to it with just a tap, right from your device.

If you have Ubuntu for smart-phones or tablets, just search for Bad Voltage in the apps view.

More details on the app is at

Also, we would love to see Bad Voltage apps for other platforms if anyone wants to write one. We would just ask that we can give it our blessing before you get it in the store (so we can assure quality with the BV name). :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome and great work! I don’t currently have Ubuntu installed anywhere but the next time I do I will be sure to check it out.

and when do you release the iPhone and WindowsPhone app :wink:


The app is great - thanks @sil!

One slight bug you may have noticed already - as soon as the screen goes off on the phone, the audio stops very soon after. I guess it’s not played in the background in the same way the music app’s audio is.

Really enjoying the show guys - former LugRadio listener…


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That’s because the music app uses a magic background API which isn’t documented yet because it’s still being refined, by being in the music app. I plan to fix that once it stabilises; I don’t have time to chase a changing API for the app right now, so once the hard working hackers on the music app have made the background music API as refined as they plan to, I’d like to look at using it :smile:

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