Bad Voltage app for Jolla, SailfishOS


I’ve started writing a Bad Voltage app for SailfishOS.

Here are the features until now:

  • Listing available Episodes
  • View details of particular episodes
  • Mark episodes as seen/unseen
  • Stream episode from internet
  • Download episodes for offline listening
  • Cover actions to resume/pause playback and reload RSS
  • Shortcut to the Bad Voltage Community Page

Here are some screenshots:

The source code is available on GitHub.

Are there people in this community using a Jolla?

That thing is so beautiful! Awesome job.

Not using Sailfish yet, but Jolla will be my next phone.

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This is really awesome, @scharelc - thanks for creating an app!

This, with @Ld00d, @joe, and @sil making apps for IOS, Android, and Ubuntu, respectively, is putting us in pretty good shape on the app front. Looking forward to seeing them all in the stores!

There is an intense level of radness within you.


I uploaded the code to GitHub.
If someone wants to test the app (on phone or emulator), see the wiki page.
I’m pretty sure it’s still very buggy, but somehow usable :wink:

I hope it’s OK that I took some images from the Bad Voltage homepage to design the Icon and Cover background.
One thing I wanted to know is how I should mention you guys from Bad Voltage, because you are delivering the content for the app. At the moment the About page looks like this.

Before I submit it to Harbour, the app needs some testing, polishing and feedback.

But what about everyones favourite, gonna take over the market OS Windows Phone 8?
Its all most as good as Windows 8 on Desktop!

there’s a webapp especially designed for Windows: Bad Voltage for Windows

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I released a first version op the app to OpenRepos.
OpenRepos is a community driven repository for Harmattan and Sailfish operating systems.
This is not the offcial Jolla store, I just want to get some feedback from the community before releasing it to Harbour.

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@jonobacon @jeremy @sil @bryanlunduke if you’re OK with it, I will release the app to the official Jolla store now?

Go for it, from my point of view!


+1 here as well.


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Rock and roll.

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Hell yes! :slight_smile:

Is there an online version of the store we can reference it at?

No, sadly the official store has no online version (yet). The app got approved by QA yesterday, so I’m awaiting it to appear soon.

The unofficial, community driven store has a web view and I made a very simple GitHub page.

It’s now available from Jolla store:

Thank you for mentioning the app (again) in the show.
Actually my first name is Scharel, it’s the luxembourgish equivalent of Charles. the appending c is just the first letter of my surname :wink:

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