Bad Voltage App for Firefox OS

Hey there, I just create a Bad Voltage App for Firefox OS. It’s a very simple thing and does not do a lot but actually load the rss feed and create players for all episodes.

You can check it out om


Already submitted to the mozilla store. Let’s see how long it takes.

Btw.: pretty new listener so sorry if I violated any secret handshakes/guidelines.

Edit: the app is now in the firefox marketplace and can be installed through it.

Very, very cool - thanks!

As you develop it, it would be awesome to include the community features (e.g. forum, twitter feed) into the app too. Also, can you trigger notifications of new episodes from the app?

Welcome! We are a pretty loose group here, so don’t worry about screwing up social conventions.

Although, you should know that the password is “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”.

You can trigger notifications from an app - however, I’m not sure whether apps right now can run in the background and query the feed regularly. It doesn’t seem to work right now. So the only way you would get a notification is if your app is on top (I need to clarify this).

Also I noted: Coming from websites - I have not thought of ways to reload the feed :confused: So Firefox OS apps are different from small mobile websites.

I can’t open it from the App Manager / Simulator. It is opening the app directory where .webapp is instead of the app itself. Is it because your app use python? Do you know how could I test it in my Desktop?


I use the python part to convert the rss feed to json (and make it CORS)

If you want to test it locally you’ll need to download the app-engine SDK and use that to start the server.

It’s in the webstore right now so you can just install it from there.

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