Bad Voltage and Me

Congratulations, Bad Voltage on 100 episodes. Did you get a letter from the Queen? @jonobacon asked for people’s Bad Voltage stories, so here goes:

I came to Bad Voltage at about episode 3 I think. It was a recommendation on Google+ from Will Cooke if memory serves correct. I was a fan of LugRadio, and instantly felt a level of nostalgia at hearing Jono and @sil again. The introduction of @jeremy and @bryanlunduke was great and I loved the dynamic within the group. I remember laughing heartily, and so I immediately downloaded the first few episodes to catch up, and have listened to every episode since. I try to contribute when I can, and would also be interested to hear how everyone else found Bad Voltage.


Can you do that in a Haiku ? @dc602003

How’s this the a haiku?

Bad Voltage makes me chuckle,
Ever since the third,
At least there’s no Adam Sweet.

There’s a girl from Nantucket,
Not sure it matters,
It’s hard to turn down requests.

P.s. Sorry Adam, nothing personal, but needed to make it work as a haiku.

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Not sure about a Haiku but I used to work in the fine town of Five Line Nonsense Poem is that relevant?

Grew up in the English West Midlands Saw @sil and @jonobacon a few times in a local pub when they were producing Lug Radio though I think I only spoke to them once at the time. I know Stuart does not remember it, I spoke to him about it at OGG camp two years ago, I suspect Jono does not remember it either.

Have not met @jeremy or @bryanlunduke yet but would love to.

Been a big fan of Bad Voltage since I discovered it.

Now living in Cambridge but working in Southend on Sea UK.

Love to hear everybody else’s story.

How did you find BV, what do you love and what could be done better?

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Back and forth on haikus are good but alone for imgur

dont want hear about my drenched day, sorry.

I wasn’t available.

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