Awarding our 'Honourable Queen'

With respect to @neuro’s impressive commitment to faking the queen for a number of weeks (far beyond his punishment of two weeks as a result of his contributions to the poetry competition on, I have given him a title on his account of ‘Honourable Queen’.

You will see this next to his name on all of his posts. Respect, our pie-eating, salad deep-frying, head-butting, Scottish consort.

May he cherish his monicker for many years to come.


You utter, utter, utter, utter, utter, utter, utter, utter, utter, utter bastard.

Do you really do that in Scotland?! Is Paula Deen Scottish or something?

the Day the scot’s get there nuclear solution out is a day I would vote yes… Get out of our country because we never welcomed you there in the first place is apt…

An what your tutor child in law or to sum it all up the future prince of wales killed his ex-wife who proclaimed my ex-husband is going to kill me in a car crash shortly before she died… Does william or harry the future monach of the throne know that one has a receeding hair-line and the other has a ginger top like his father the love rat?

Go on harry, assassinate your peer’s… the world will thank you for it…

Sieze control and in the world of royal assention, if a few relative’s have to die, then it’s all good so long as you are a rightious and just ruler! An the people will follow there new King! All hail harry, the rightious Monach and future ruler of our lands! Harry, harry, harry… !!! Alright arry? Need some H.P Sauce?

Time to do away with William because lets face it, he’s into rescuing people from montaintops and playing the hopeless twat… when in reality he’s a cunning ass-hole like his grandmother!

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