At last I found over 6 thousand Ubuntu coders to-do my work for me!

I was on freenode, chatting on #ubuntu and some guy pasted a link that opened up coding for me on ubuntu.|%20Ubuntu,Coder%20&%20BT-(Programming-None-None)-MVP&vt_kw=%2Bubuntu%20%2Bcoder&vt_device=c&vt_med=provenD2&vt_cmp=61754079&vt_adg=4149026548&vt_src=bing&vt_kw=%2Bubuntu%20%2Bcoder&vt_device=c&utm_source=bing&utm_campaign=61754079&utm_medium=paidsearch

Apparently there are over 6 thousand workers that can package my PPA and sort out my system, for me ! At last I don’t have to learn - I can pay someone else to do it for me.

Upwork is a freelancer website.
I shall keep you updated as I progress - consider this a start of a community review.

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