Apple Releasing Source Code for it's OS!

Yes, Apple is releasing the source code for… Lisa. It is doing so working with The Computer History Museum.

*cough* *cough*

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I see Apple making the code for Lisa open as a way to preserve it for history. I don’t see the Darwin release as anything more than pathetically symbolic. Or are there any practical projects going on with the Darwin code?

It’s not fully open - they’ve no issue list.

I mean how am I, to create a natively-run unbinary vm-ware (Ubuntu) custom github snap of darwin-xnu (poor name by the way) for my leisure suit larry otherwise to escape all the walled gardens going up at the moment ?

maybe R ?

XNU (X is not UNIX) is no less poor a name than GNU (GNU’s not UNIX).

What has R got to do with this conversation? Can you elaborate?

Apple release tonnes of open source code. Maybe I should have linked to their open source page first rather than to Darwin XNU instead. To call their participation in the open community as “pathetic” is a bit harsh, no?

Actually, I regret that comment because of the potential of turning this thread into an Apple bashing one. Irregardless of my opinion of Apple, I have no desire for that.

When I first learned of the Darwin project, I was initially enthused as to the potential practical systems that I would dream resulting. But, from all that I have read, it wouldn’t be impossible, just highly impractical. So, a understandable conclusion could be that Apple’s releasing the Darwin code to be disingenuous as to their wanting to appear to support open source.

What belies that potential conclusion is one example that I can think of that I do use, that is, CUPS. I appreciate that Apple has let this project remain open source and hope that they will continue to do so. I am sure that there are other projects that I am unaware of that I benefit from.

So, is “pathetic” too harsh? Maybe, but understand I was specifically referring to Darwin. I wish they would have opened more of the MacOS code to make a practical, usable open system. Nothing like a Hackintosh. I wouldn’t expect it to run Mac software. Just something that could go in a new direction, to stimulate more open source projects. Or, in my ignorance, did I just describe BSD?

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