Anyone alive out there?

BV just disappeared…

Ask and thou shalt receive.†

no ongoing commitment to ensuring that thou receiveth is implied. Void where inapplicable. Enjoy Bad Voltage in moderation.

Not sure how I can enjoy BV in moderation while still listening to you, Stuart, but moderation in all things includes moderation itself so I will continue to listen to all BV podcasts…

I blame myself though!

I listened to podcasts (and read and stuff) during my commute, which for the last two years has involved at most a flight of stairs!

But then the other day @sil name showed up in a Register article* and I realised that I was way behind on my podcasts listening!!!

I will have to toss all moderation aside in order to catch-up!!!

Yea I saw that article too
We will have to see if all of their 2022 predictions come true! :sweat_smile:

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