Any rec for personal/portfolio page themes or designers...?

I’m thinking of going into contracting, so I’d like to refresh my personal website with a professional-looking design (I can hack html/js but have not touched Photoshop in 15 years). I know Themeforest and and that sort of thing is alright (and uber-cheap), but I was wondering if anybody has any suggestion for alternatives.

Tell us more, what sort of contacting? A web site for say me, predominantly an electronics / mechanical consultant is very different than one for a web designer as is my daughters site selling her designs of clothes to other girls at her university and in that town.

Good point. I’m in financial software, basically a geek specialized in helping accountants.

Which is a good point I need to update my website

When I redesign my website, it’s mainly gonna be contact info for other services.
@toyg Have you found any nice Free Wordpress themes? Maybe get one of them and change the stock photos?

Maybe get a decent digital camera and use some good photos of yourself (high quality photos rock).
Things like Wix are aimed at small businesses these days, I’ve not played with it, it seems a little too restrictive for me, but it’s an option.

Best thing to do is get your hosting setup and put up something quick for now then make it better when you have time.

BTW Has anyone else here had a play with SASS, it’s really cool

In the end I sprung a few dollars for a themeforest theme, one of those single-page scrollers that are everywhere these days. Replaced a few pics with Unsplash, banged together a logo from a few icons on iconfinder, and that was it, about two days of work. Informal feedback has been good, in my niche you need very little to stand out, so it will do for now.

Nice, what’s the URL?

I know @jonobacon and some others are also a fan of Divi , I’m a fan of the builder and at work we have a lot of non-technical clients who also like using it.

I meant what’s the URL of your site?


Sorry, couldn’t upload it before for legal reasons.

Looking good,
(I really need to re-do my website soon)

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