Any plans for a section on SteamOS

Just curious seems like it could be interesting. As a PC gamer who was more or less forced to ditch Linux due to problems of playing modern games Valve is by far seemingly doing the most to expand gaming to the Linux market.

I’m sure they’ll talk about it when the time comes, I mean I don’t think they want to talk about it right now because there was hype less then a year ago, and all there is right now is a manual install of steam OS, I’m sure when the first steam OS boxes come to market they will talk about the affects it will play on linux!

Personally I think Steam OS will make other OS’s such as ubuntu, mint and other debian branch offs be pre-installed with lower end laptops just to be more compatable with people who are buying steam boxes, and withLinux seeming to be on a high rise, I think laptop venders are going to be pushed by Chrome OS, Ubuntu and Steam to have there OS’s preinstalled on some platforms, or at least more techy guys and girls asking for more laptops with no OS if theres no linux alternatives!

Indeed. :smile:

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