Announcing our new mods, @WarrenHill and @joe

Hi Everyone!

As part of us refreshing and rebooting the show a little, we really want to grow this forum and community into a fun and dynamic place to be. We know that to do this we need help.

So, we have enlisted two very active members, @WarrenHill and @joe are going to help with usual moderation duties, but also with encouraging more discussion, and exploring ideas for how we grow the forum and make it a blast to be. We are also planning on appointing more mods in future.

Of course, if you have ideas for how we can improve the forum (and the show!), be sure to let us know!

In the meantime, congrats, @WarrenHill and @joe!


Congrats, dudes. I for one welcome our moderating overlords.


Thanks @neuro, Iā€™m happy to help in any way I can. Moderating this forum should be an easy job because while every site gets its idiots posting spam, posting copyrighted content as their own or being offensive we have been very lucky and such occurrences have been rare.

I am more interested in helping to encourage a wider discussion here and hopefully help to grow the fan base.

Please respect our code of conduct which is simple: don't be a dick.