An Opened Source Project for Encrypting Data Before Hitting the Network

A Kickstarter project to fund a box that will encrypt your data. It is called the Anonabox and is based on the Tor software. The Kickstarter page is here.

I found the project super cool, until I read an article that explained how it was simply a small Chinese box that costs like 15 USD with a modified version of OpenWRT on it. However, Anonabox costs 50+USD…

Could the price be compelling for someone who is a novice that would not have a clue as to how to do this?

Where I am 50$ is about the same as a month coffee supplies, and that is a decent middle of the road Arabic - hate robusta, will rather drink my water neat, then have it filtered through robusta.

Well, I’m not sure a “novice that would not have a clue as how to do this” would even know about Tor in the first place…

Let me be clear: I still think it’s a great idea, but I just wanted to be the Devil’s advocate here.

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Not knowing about Tor is what I had in mind. This could be something that might appeal to someone inexperienced, yet would like to have the ability to have a better level of privacy.


Wired tells us more about the backlashing of the project:

No, just your average super market good coffee. I bay organic dog food, my own meat and dairy are organic - I believe that that is where I get the best value - in terms of environment.

Sounds like a mess. Still seems like a good idea.

I’ll pluga good place I get mine. I imagine it won’t help much outside the USA though.

The TOR guys are dead against the product - they have basically said it offers very little aside from “you don’t have to set anything up on your computer”, which in turn means you’re leading data like a sieve…

I would say “avoid”

After the fall out of the Anonabox, Project Sierra is now on Kickstarter. link

I readily admit my ignorance of VPN’s. I have read a little bit about them and have a hard time understanding. My question is, isn’t this just a device for a VPN or something simillar?

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