An Interesting WiFi Experiement

Ninth grade students northern Jutland did an experiment with cress seeds and WiFi. The pictured results are disturbing. Could this be the equivalent of the canary in the coal mine? Many will point to studies that show this range of radiation will not produce cancer. I have always asked, is cancer the only illness to plague mankind? Could this radiation be causing some other harm? I hope that these results will spur further research.

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WiFi may very well cause mutations in cells. I am in the belief though before my cells turn into mush due to close proximity of my Eero mesh network, my cells have already been royally f**ked by air pollution, sugar, sodium, sedentary lifestyle, chronic fatigue, alcohol and strawberry cake with whipped cream.

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Unless they are from organic sources and the cream is from grass fed cows! :smile:

However, I’d think you would be just as concerned with radiation spending so much time closer to the big void.

Lakhovsky knew almost a century ago but the religion of “science” money has always rebuked anything threatening as “woo woo” :frowning: That’s why this is one of my most favorite movie endings of all time…

These girls may not know it yet, but they ‘published’ bravely. Good for them :smiley: !
They’re awesome :slight_smile:

Over four years ago.

Have you ever stood in front of an active microwave oven while it’s cooking stuff? Well done, you’ve irradiated yourself with radiation in the ~2.4GHz range, just like 802.11b/g.

Given the RF soup that we’ve been stewing in for the last 100 years or so, this concerns me very little. The abstract of the meta-study linked in the Snopes article states

Without repeated experiments under controlled conditions, one comparison of two bowls of cress aren’t enough to draw reliable scientific conclusions.

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I conclude that these students were pretty excited about their experiment.

1 Like is not my idea of a valid source of scientific “wisdom”. Look at a few of the article titles:

“How Science Has Proven The Mind’s Influence Over Matter”
… I mean, yes, if I raise my arm one could construe that as “mind over matter” :wink:

“Scientists Have Managed to Turn a Spinach Leaf into Beating Human Heart Tissue”
… bio whatsit which I know nothing about but seems a stretch

“For the First Time Ever NASA Has Seen Something Come Out of A Black Hole”
… this I do know something about and we have observed jets emerging from the vicinity of black
holes (google active galactic nuclei or x-ray binaries) for decades. True we don’t understand how
exactly these are formed but they don’t emerge from the black hole itself, but from the environment
surrounding the black hole.

As for the experiment … pretty weak: not duplicated, not blind … and Olle Johansson seems to have
spent quite a bit of his academic career studying electrohypersensitivity (and naturally finding it).

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