An idea for future punishment avatars

How about getting the community involved? I know sometimes an avatar was chosen because it fit the circumstances (Jono having the enlightenment logo). But how about a repository, so to speak, of avatars that the community has thought of for each presenter and then, when the need arises, pick one that is either appropriate for the situation or just one at random.

Love it. We could maybe have four threads (one for each presenter) where people can go and post suggestions for punishment avatars?

Any other ideas?

I just wanted to say, that since you guys know each other pretty well, that you would be a good judge as to what would really be appropriate. I know I kind of got a burr under my saddle this time with Bryan’s change, and was so, so glad as to how wrong I was, for this all adds to the fun of the show. Also too, that you are so willing to change to avatar of community members.

I like the idea of advatars, branded punishment avatars. Jono could get a Wimpy or Quorn logo for his advatar, for example. The possibilities … the endless possibilities! Muhahaha.

Is this an official term or did you make it up?

Love it. :slight_smile:

Look at the topic title, it’s a typo by @oldgeek. :slight_smile:

I was hoping for sponsorship from Microsoft or Coke. :smile:

I am a horrible speller. Thank goodness for auto-correct. Usually.

Okay, there, I corrected the title.

And now the joke is lost :slight_smile:

I do have a way of ruining everything.

Not at all. You are well loved here, @oldgeek. :smile:

You didn’t ruin everything per se, you just ruined my one attempt at humour. I wouldn’t get too cut up about it, my attempts at humour usually do get ruined quite spectacularly, just usually by my own hand :wink:

Just almost everything. :smile:

I forgot to put the smiley on the previous post, I was making a joke then too. Why can’t humor be obvious in writing? (a rhetorical question, I know the answer)


When I’m being deadly serious, you’ll know about it. I’ll have this face.

Yeah, that face.

Serious, innit.

No? Shit.

Just so that I can keep it straight, is it this face?

Or instead of punishment avatars the victim has his voice pitch-shifted to sound like a smurf for the next episode

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I’m wondering if giving the community some time to do this when it’s needed wouldn’t be better.

In Denmark when somebody has don something stupid they are often referred to as a Cod

Just an idea, a pinned topic that shows the punishment avatars for thoes who say missed a week or so, and seemed to have missed it. That way they could check the thread to find out what the image was that you guys where talking about. Like image and ‘this is why i was punished and this is why the image was chosen’

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