Adding Simple Chapters to the feed

I would like Bad Voltage to add [Simple Chapters][1]. They consist of a some special XML tags. You can ether put them directly into the feed, or link to a separate XML-file.

Here is the problem: how do you add a extra field to podpress to implement this?

Of course, the easiest solution would be to migrate to the [Podlove Podcast Publisher][2] (it offers a integrated Migration Assistant to move on from PodPress). But I understand if one would feel, a move like that would be to scary :wink:

Hope someone here can help with a solution.

We currently use podPress. I’m happy to add these chapter data, and my publish script can probably even manage it without extra effort. What I do not know is how to tell podPress to add extra bits to our Atom feed. Does anyone know?

(Note: I’ve looked at the Podlove thing, but anything saying “the plugin is currently in Beta and still under heavy development” doesn’t get used, not yet :))

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