Adding Simple Chapters to the feed


I would like Bad Voltage to add [Simple Chapters][1]. They consist of a some special XML tags. You can ether put them directly into the feed, or link to a separate XML-file.

Here is the problem: how do you add a extra field to podpress to implement this?

Of course, the easiest solution would be to migrate to the [Podlove Podcast Publisher][2] (it offers a integrated Migration Assistant to move on from PodPress). But I understand if one would feel, a move like that would be to scary :wink:

Hope someone here can help with a solution.

Why doesn't the RSS feed have all of the episodes in?

We currently use podPress. I’m happy to add these chapter data, and my publish script can probably even manage it without extra effort. What I do not know is how to tell podPress to add extra bits to our Atom feed. Does anyone know?

(Note: I’ve looked at the Podlove thing, but anything saying “the plugin is currently in Beta and still under heavy development” doesn’t get used, not yet :))

1x57: Deck the Blockchains
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