A tale of 132 e's

A collegue just mentioned this github repository:

Here are two consecutive blog posts by its owner (I think) about it:

Looks like a lot of people, including support staff github didn’t really like it…though I didn’t really understand why…
Any thoughts?

You have to “contain” the humorous nonsense. Otherwise it will spread across the whole platform. GitHub (Microsoft) wants to keep it professional, and so do many of its users.

You can always set up your own GitLab instance and commit as much as much stupidity as you want.

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Yeah, I guess that’s it…
Though I’m curious whether there is an explanation I can understand and that to me personally doesn’t seem to be total BS.
But it’s probably a matter of cultures…
Btw cultures: probably they are frantically searching for a spot on their website (here) as we speak :wink:

As Monica from Friends once put it, “rules help control the fun.”