A One Bar Holiday - What Google apps to Use?

I’m staying at a premier inn in Harwich (SE England) with me mobile and google C720P touchscreen

I’m stuck in a One Bar Reception coverage area and was just wondering if there are any good Apps (on the G+oogle play Store) that are pretty good for offline usage.
Maybe uploading to flickr or these:

Does anyone have a favourie Social 3rd party app - that [perhaps] they don’t use much ?

Just trying my bit to get a review of the area - that being Harwich & the beaches & Colchester.

Regarding Harwich, I grew up and the old-folks still live in North Essex, so I can recommend (but you pay for it) The Pier at Harwich to eat at - can be very busy too if its as I remember. My brother’s wedding reception dinner for the UK side of things was there.

Regarding social media, my current favourite twitter app (if you don’t mind going through the registering-as-a-developer process due to sign-up limitations, or waiting for the odd rare time they can offer some more themselves), Falcon Pro. Not any much better for offline use than any other app as far as I know though. I know this doesn’t answer your Q all that well…

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