3x61: A Room of Dalmatians

Jeremy Garcia, Jono Bacon, and Stuart Langridge present Bad Voltage, in which we revisit an old friend, Room 101, the place where all the things we hate should be banished. At least according to each of us: whether the other two can be so convinced is another thing entirely…

[00:04:07] Jono: All videoconferencing except Zoom
[00:11:04] Stuart: overly chummy email spam
[00:16:16] Jeremy: Influencers
[00:19:59] Jono: Marketing Gurus
[00:25:07] Stuart: “we are experiencing unusually high call volumes”
[00:29:26] Jeremy: Mozilla
[00:37:55] Jono: Men who wear scarves inside
[00:42:16] Stuart: “join our discord”
[00:45:25] Jeremy: a secret extra!

Zoom - not my experience at all. Not just the shenanigans they tried to pull at the beginning of the pandemic but even their latest ToS change that allowed them to use your calls to train their AI.

In my experience Meet has had the best video quality. When I have a Zoom meeting I already know it’s going to take twice as long as people always have to repeat themselves because someone lost the connection.

It seems all the top five are part of a larger suite, Teams is part of MS Office, Meet is part of GSuite, etc. And Zoom already having denied a merger with a USA company is pretty stuck on its own, and probably going nowhere.

I’ve also noticed a rise in spammy emails like the ones you guys talked about, very frustrating.

Putting Mozilla into room 101 - ouch that thought hurts, Firefox represented the idea of the web far better than any of the other browsers.

“we are experiencing unusually high call volumes” is annoying
Sometimes it’s like “go download our app” when you just want to go to a website to book something