3x50: Two Riders Were Approaching

Jono Bacon, Jeremy Garcia, and special guest Erica Brescia present Bad Voltage, in which a generation of hypochondriacs is created, we are made to do research, and:

  • [00:01:51] VC/WeWork/Flow
  • [00:20:28] AI wins state fair art contest, annoys humans
  • [00:28:14] New smart watches
  • [00:38:22] Notkia
  • [00:39:52] OSTP Issues Guidance to Make Federally Funded Research Freely Available Without Delay
  • [00:42:47] Outro

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News music: Long Live Blind Joe by Robbero, used with attribution.

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Anyone else having problems downloading via their “podcatcher”?

I’m using Podcast Addict on Android, and trying via various VPN’s so as to eliminate issues that could be caused via filtering on my gateway

E: yup, seems to be an issue

Came here to find out if it was my catcher :slight_smile:

Our apologies. There’s a problem with the server that hosts the audio files. Support have been contacted and we’re working on it.

OK, we believe that this is now resolved. Many thanks to Bytemark for helping us sort this as quickly as possible!

Does anyone else feel like touting all the fitness stuff in watches is a bit ill timed? Haven’t there been a number of studies lately that found these fitness devices have zero measurable effect on peoples health and fitness?

this was the first episode i listened too for a long time as i just hadn’t commuted anymore after corona hit.

My impressions:

  • Great surprise that Erica was on the show
  • “We do not need to own that, Bono!” - Loved it
  • I also like the notion of a “don’t invest in assholes” policy - great to hear that it’s actually a thing, at least at some places
  • The notion of putting money to work - i always found that wording weird…but that might really be me beeing not familier with the investment-business - which we do need in our societies, right?
  • Since you asked - as always, i’m not interestest in watches. But in this form it’s by mo means something that would make me switch off.
  • The other topics that you picked, i found interesting

So, I guess - thanks for not having podfaded while I was gone!
Keep up the great show!


PS: obviously I would now also love to hear what the chemistry between Erica, Steward and Bono sounds like

:wave: Hey all, it’s been a while.

When listening to the part about original art, and how you wanted a video of the artist making it, all I could think was “you’re in the market for an original Bob Ross” :rofl:

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