3x20: According To The Prophecy

Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon, and Jeremy Garcia present Bad Voltage, in which we present our predictions for 2021!

  • Stuart:
    • [00:11:11] Remote work starts to hollow out cities and as a result, three major cities see population drops (or the populations drop more than they already were)
    • [00:17:20] Social media sites band together to avoid fake news (and government regulation of what they do) with some sort of shared "credibility checker"
    • [00:23:25] Amazon buy Zoom
    • [00:25:10] Bonuses: somebody buys Canonical; at least one of us has not been vaccinated; Jono continues to buy Apple stuff
  • Jeremy:
    • [00:31:30] Jeff Bezos will become the richest American who has ever lived (he tops around $340b)
    • [00:33:10] Google will make their largest acquisition in the history of the company
    • [00:37:35] Bitcoin price will go below $5,000 or above $55,000
    • [00:39:45] Facebook will lose 15%-20% of their active user count
    • [00:41:40] Bonuses: Amazon builds a publicly-available general-purpose search engine; a security breach larger than Solarwinds will be discovered and will materially impact the position of a major cloud provider or public tech company
  • Jono:
    • [00:45:55] Sony will release the second version of the PSVR headset
    • [00:49:25] A COVID "vaccine passport" will be required for at least three major airlines and five major countries
    • [00:54:50] Donald Trump's Twitter account will be disabled at least twice but will not be banned [editor's note! this has happened once already, in between us recording this show and us releasing it!]
    • [00:56:25] Zoom will start build a complete remote-working offering (the "Sharepointisation" of Zoom, as christened by Jeremy) and acquire at least one major remote-working company
    • [01:01:25] Bonuses: Facebook Spaces will still be shit (even though it has been shut down since 2019, so maybe Facebook Horizon will be shit); Canonical will not get acquired (!)

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Some one’s going to buy Zoom, not sure it will be Amazon. But unlike Webex, Teams, and Meet that are part of a larger offering Zoom is just video conferencing. Once this pandemic is over and IT departments aren’t spending 25 hours a day supporting remote workers someone is going to say hey, we already pay for XYZ that includes video conferencing so we don’t really need a separate Zoom licence.

What happens if someone announces they’re going to buy Canonical, but it doesn’t go through by the end of the year then?

Screenshot_2021-01-08 (4) Profile Twitter

… and Jono looses a point. https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2021/01/08/twitter-trump-dorsey

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  1. Jono will score 0.33 points for his 2021 predictions.
  2. A major public utility (electricity, water, sewer) in the USA will suffer a successful cyber attack that will endanger people and the environment.
  3. Public utilities will continue to use Windows and keep critical systems connected to the Internet.

Not being smug about Jono losing a point, just happy about the twitter ban.

… and it’s final:

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