3x15: Interactive Multimedia Communications

Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon, and Jeremy Garcia present Bad Voltage, in which things are not necessarily jazzed up versions of other things, we wonder what data truly is, and:

  • [00:00:45] We dive in depth into the notion of "collaborative workspaces". Coda and Notion both paint themselves as a new kind of document: something which lets you pull in all the information on a topic from all the different sources you use, something you can work on within a team, something over and above a folder of Google docs. They aren't the first to pursue this dream. Is it a dream worth pursuing? And if it is, are Coda, or Notion, or both doing it right? We'll go into this in detail, along with some philosophy on the very nature of collaboration itself

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News music: Long Live Blind Joe by Robbero, used with attribution.

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As a scientist the idea of a big single document (my lab book) that can re-use the same data (I have loads of data) sounds fantastic. But I am required to archive my lab book, and this is where SAAS breaks down for me. I also travel quite a bit and do work in locations with either no internet or intermittent intermittent (planes, trains, Africa, Norfolk).

Dropbox is fantastic, it sync my files. GitLab is awesome it allows me to collaborate (with a specific subset of people). I understand that something with live collaboration is fundamentally going to have to be online. But it seems like a lot of the data manipulation, linking withing a mega-document, stuff could exist in something offline.

I think I am generally just grumpy that I need to guarantee access to files I used 7 years ago when I worked in a different place. Anything that I can’t export into a standard format (or archive a version of the software) is useless to me. And it seems that as tech moves on more and more things are going down this route, and this lack of control over data should terrify more people. But then, perhaps my tin-foil hat needs adjusting.

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