3x13: The Winter Of Our Content

Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon, and Jeremy Garcia present Bad Voltage, in which the Magna Doodle makes a comeback, Stuart is discontent, and:

  • [00:04:50] Taco Bell have made their own wine, which we're sure is delicious... US customs seize a bunch of counterfeit Airpods which turn out to be completely legitimate OnePlus wireless earphones... and Dave Grohl is in a drum battle with Nandi Bushell, a 10-year-old girl from Ipswich, and it is delightful...
  • [00:13:50] Oracle are buying Tiktok. Or maybe they aren't. It's hard to say. Microsoft aren't. Maybe nobody is. And what's actually being bought? The US operations? Not the algorithm. Probably.
  • [00:19:08] Anyway, a more successful deal seems to be that Nvidia are buying ARM for $40 billion. What will this mean?
  • [00:33:28] Our main discussion: non-tech tech. Jono's been looking at the Remarkable 2, an e-paper-based note-taking tablet. But should we be just using paper instead? Is everybody already using paper instead? And is this nostalgia, the tech backlash, or none of the above? Are you a pencil or a keyboard person?

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I’ve been interested in the Remarkable Tablet, particularly because of its relative openness, but it’s still a bit expensive for me, so I have not yet acquired one.

But to throw something in for the issue mentioned about the Remarkable Tablet that it’s currently not great for actually reading ebooks, pdfs - there’s a fantastic bit of free/open software for ebooks, pdfs, djvus which runs on a variety of eink devices (& Android) including fairly recently the Remarkable: Koreader - https://github.com/koreader/koreader

I haven’t tried Koreader on a Remarkable, but I use it extensively on Kobo eink readers and it’s really quite brilliant.

I’ve preordered the Remarkable 2 with the fancy stylus and the nice case a week ago or so.
I’m taking education via distance learning for the next few years, and being able to mark important things in the study material and just solve the exercises “in place” is a really nice feature.
Also while on the go, I only need to carry one device instead of the book, paper and a pen.
I don’t think typing math formulas into a PC is a great experience so I’m really looking forward to it.
In the articles and comments I’ve read you need to set up an account to start using the device (Which might not be GDPR-compliant?), but after initial setup, you can use it offline, which I think I’ll be doing.

The whole “you learn more when writing” is a thing that resonates with me as well, handwriting is just a richer experience, you don’t just delete wrong things, you cross it out and actually have a view of the fuckups whole content development process rather than the end result.

Thanks @emacsomancer for the link to koreader, I somehow thought this was just another dead FOSS PDF reader, but this looks really great.

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