3 musketeers of mobile freedom

It happens to be my birthday today and I’m one lucky boy. Thanks again to @valvemonkey


Happy birthday!

… >.< yes! happy b-day! (was distracted by all the hardware when I read the post the first time)

unfortunately, the video is on hold until my camera comes back from gopro. some early thoughts though. the ubuntu phone is missing some major features, like an email and xmpp client (and ‘online accounts’ in general). however the music player is second to none, it’s just a great and simple music organiser and player. the whole platform is also pretty fast.

jolla has really surprised me, it’s a beautiful environment to live in and the gestures are fluid. the built in apps for email, xmpp and online accounts work well. i also love true multitasking although this seems to hammer the battery.

Ubuntu phone has the “dekko” email app in the store, if that helps? XMPP… yeah, that’s not gonna happen just yet; it’d be hard to do given the Ubuntu phone’s strict rules on app lifecycles…

yep, I’ve used dekko, but it’s not ready yet. lack of xmpp makes it abit of a show stopper doesn’t it? i think it’s pretty fundamental.

Might be a showstopper for some. I don’t talk to anyone with jabber, myself, and if we ignore Google Talk (which doesn’t interoperate any more anyway) I haven’t for years – tech friends are on telegram or Google Talk, family are Viber…

I still do most of my communication with friends via XMPP (including several on Google Talk, which is still quietly federating despite reports to the contrary). As a matter of fact the XMPP Telepathy plugin (telepathy-gabble) is in the Ubuntu phone image right now (as of today’s vivid-proposed). All it really needs is an account plugin and some UI to work.

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Just an update, sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been super busy! I’m in Prague this week with only a Ubuntu phone. I’ll try my best to get the video up this weekend.

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