2x65: Email Avengers Assemble

Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon, and Jeremy Garcia present Bad Voltage, in which we are all waaaaay more invested in email than certain companies would like us to be, and:

  • In this episode we discuss Superhuman, a new email app. Jono, the email power user's email power user, has been getting to grips with it and is frankly a bit of a fan. Jeremy and Stuart are perhaps a bit more sceptical of some of the claims that it makes. So, we drill down into it; what does it do, how does it work, who needs it... and what does this mean for the development of design-led apps as a whole? Is this a move in a good direction? All the people trying to claim that email is dead so you use their proprietary system instead... are they wrong? Is this the way to prove that? And why didn't Gmail do it already?

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Email is not dead but access to it has changed for many.

My brother gets hardly any emails so uses web based email. It’s from a Thailand based company, because he used to live there.

I have 3 email accounts:

  • From my ISP
  • A gmail account, mainly for Google access and spam, I can use from my phone
  • My own SMTP server, for business e-mail

All 3 of these are accessed using traditional e-mail clients. In my case Eclipse and Thunderbird.

It’s important to me that my emails do not remain on external servers and I am able to keep some of them for years.

I would be interested in finding out more about Superhuman but as I only tend to deal with 20 to 50 new emails a day, most of which I just delete, I think what I have already is probably adequate for my needs.

So, well apparently my email also triggered as Super-VIP at Superhuman. I’m not sure how but I suspect the waiting list is the 250 000 people that has not yet signed up?superhuman

Hey! Me too!!!

But Superhuman is $30 per month so not really going after the Gmail/Hotmail/etc crowd are they?!

Except that they are, because we don’t support non-Google accounts yet is the response I got when I tried to sign-up using my ISP email address.

I guess I should listen to the show and see what the experts had to say about it!

Regarding the “equally as hilarious if not slightly more hilarious”, which Stuart didn’t remember the origin of (at 1:06:27 in this episode):

Actually, it was a quote from Jeremy from the previous episode in regards to the live show (at 55:39):

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We must know:


“Superhuman” … could this possibly be intended to appeal to the ubermensch of today? /sarcasm Pretty fucked up branding if you ask me.

Do you have to be whitelisted to use it?

Thanks for the nice welcome.

I’ve been listening to Bad Voltage since 2016. Discovered the show when I was looking for up-to-date content from Bryan Lunduke. I checked out the forum from time to time, figured now would be a good time to join :smiley:

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