2x50: Born In A Log Cabin


Stuart Langridge and Jeremy Garcia present Bad Voltage, in which Jono is at death’s door and not present, Stuart mixes the show and therefore any complaints should be directed to him (and obviously these will make Jono feel good about himself), and:

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Cool show. Stuart’s eh… “loudest bits” vs Jeremy’s quietest had be adjusting volume a little bit but otherwise the audio was fine (music a bit loud maybe).

I think you perhaps feel more strongly that your views shifted Stuart because you had such strong views initially, you held basically FSF-like ideals after all. I’m not particularly surprised or even worried that Google is meddling with YouTube search results in these situations, its 100% the transparency of the company, announcing when they’re doing these actions, why, etc. Yea sure the company could abuse that and silence news reports about it but really that’s something that should be the govt’s responsibility to stop.

I think the choice of news stations is probably more controversial just because the US doesn’t really have an equivalent to the BBC and because news is so politicised (everywhere yes, the US especially though). If YouTube was British and promoted BBC clips in this situation I doubt anyone would care near as much.


*cough* PBS *cough*

*cough* PBS NewsHour *cough*


I think a lot of Americans would avoid PBS because of its left leaning “image”. PBS is primarily funded by private donations not by the CPB, a fact the Republicans brought up when trying to attack the funding. Considering there’s no shortage of right wing media in the states its pretty fair to say then that most of the funding for PBS will be from the left and therefore “untrustworthy” if you’re feeling tribal about it.

If there’s not an automatic default choice for Google/YouTube to pick (like the BBC would be in the UK) they’re gunna have to pick a range of outlets to cover the populace or throw more fuel on the growing fire about Google’s bias.


I can’t comment on the US, but New Zealand has a state broadcaster: RNZ. I think as long as YouTube, and other social media platforms, promote any and all public broadcasters after tragic events, over and above any content which may express hateful views, while also removing hateful videos and illicit content, then that is a sufficient and necessary response. By promoting all public broadcasters, any bias exists with the world’s collection of public broadcasters, not YouTube’s problem. By public broadcaster, I mean any broadcaster which is required to follow the laws set out by the broadcasting standards authority of its respective country, and has a large enough reach that when it doesn’t it is called out for that. A huge thanks to YouTube for taking a positive and proactive stance in supporting the victims of the Christchurch terrorism attack.

Of course I want YouTube to be a platform of smaller individual creators, however such content is obviously harder to audit. Any public broadcaster must already follow public broadcasting standards and as such promoting their content immediately after a terrorist attack is the safest option. As other non public broadcaster videos are reviewed, these should then be released back into search results.

This hit way too close to home and has got me reconsidering my position on privacy and free speech. It think yes, this process occurs naturally as one ages, but can be sped up rapidly when a terrorist attack occurs in the next city over from where you live.

Kia Kaha


Like the BBC.


@sil said something, and I’m paraphrasing from memory:

If I believe that something is right and find that 10, um, people with an undesirable trait (not the term he used!), think that some something is right, even for a different reason, that maybe I should back off a bit.

He put into words a feeling I’ve had for a while, something of self reflection. Thanks Stuart!


A tiny bit related to the show itself:
Stuart, I was wondering if you’ve had a lifestyle change or something since season 2 of BV? You’ve really become a very respectable person between earlier episodes and now; very thoughtful and human. I sure like the change, if there is any. I think in season 1 of BV I would’ve put you as the reason to unsubscribe from the podcast, but the last year you’re the kind of person who I really appreciate hearing opinions from and made me prioritise this show over other podcasts.


I’m going to go ahead and click the little heart because I honestly, after staring at it for a while, believe that you meant that comment purely as a compliment to Stuart.

Personally I find presenters with opinions that differ significantly from my own entertaining, but I do get that many people enjoy “the same” and find that very pleasing (birds of a feather, like minded individuals, etc. etc.). I’ve always thought Stuart was a respectable human being and even if some of his opinions were to become a direct challenge to my mine, I likely still will in the future (unless, y’know, he comes out as a cannibal or something…that’s just too much). Most of all, he’s got great mannerisms in his voice. Next to Ian Punnet, he’s my favorite audio presenter :slight_smile:

My take as to why @sil has changed is just normal aging (of course, that’s just my take and I don’t really know at all). A lot of people seem to think that we stop changing once out of adolescence, but that’s simply not true. I’m a little bit older than he is (but I’m very immature for my age :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) and have been through this before. It was probably far easier for me though seeing I was always only interested in the Freedom aspect of FOSS and nothing else. However, I have made concessions over the years. For example, I used a gmail address to log in here today. A couple years ago I set up an NGINX server for something else and I seriously considered giving up my gmail address. Then it occurred to me that I’m never getting this addy again (I was one of the first invites)! I made a concession. And that’s O.K. It’s O.K. because thought went into the decision, I am aware my actions are not my ideal, and I still try in other ways to hold myself to my ideals. Also, sadly, there are certain ships I think have already sailed (I’m not going to say which though as there are still people fighting those battles and I’m definitely rooting for them).


The intention was definitely as a compliment yes. I didn’t mean anything sarcastic by the question.

And hey it’s great that you have such a positive ideal!


Well, that’s very kind of you to say so, and I’ll take it as the compliment as which it was obviously intended! I don’t think anything fundamental changed in my life between seasons 1 and 2, but clearly something did; I’m glad you’re still finding the show worth listening to, and I’ll try to remain thoughtful and human :slight_smile:


yeah, this is what happens when I do the audio mixing, because I’m not very good at it. Fortunately, master of all things sound @jonobacon is recovering from his bout of Ebola, so you don’t have to put up with my ham-fisted efforts any more :slight_smile:


Tee hee, no worries. It only took me aback a couple of minutes but I’ve read some of your other comments here before and knew you couldn’t possibly of meant it as anything but a compliment :slight_smile: When I came back a couple hours later to give my ‘just aging and concessions being an O.K. part of that’ view and saw that it was still the last comment ITT I figured I should include a bit more in my comment :slight_smile:


Given that Huawei is the world leader in 5G technology but they are currently non grata in the USA (and elsewhere) do you think any other companies, particularly American ones, will attempt to steal their 5G thunder?

Will they try to market some 4G++ as 5G and claim they won!? And when Huawei can finally market their tech will that make it 6G?!?!


If 5G will run at a lower power, will that mean they’ll need to build more cell towers everywhere?


For the fixed antennae, one about every 300 meters. (BTW that page I linked to is awesome if you want to get your law geek on! :slight_smile: Also, when researching this topic use startpage.com or another search engine that won’t dump you in a filter bubble)


@Sarah_Scarlett I’d like to nominate that website for least readable website of the year!


I think @sil said something to the effect that he thought 5G was just the next thing after 4G, and I think that is about how most people view it. I understand that the mm frequencies to be used do not penetrate objects well, so I cannot help to wonder how this will be done. Will the amperage need be increased? I am troubled that there is so little questions being raised about what effect such a blanket of radiation will have on health and environment.


Well, it is a bunch of doctors :wink:


Friends of mine are working in the automotive sector here in Germany. They say that they are really looking forward for 5G. All engineering about connectes cars, autonomous cars etc. of the last years is targeting 5G.
It is similar in many industries regarding to IoT.
So I think for the end-user 5G is just the next step but industries will profit from the QoS of 5G.

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