2x31: Just In Case Delivery

Jeremy Garcia, Jono Bacon, and Stuart Langridge present Bad Voltage, in which you must be this tall to ride the HTTP, loads of things are related directly or indirectly to Facebook’s F8 conference, and:

Come chat with us and the community in our Slack channel via https://badvoltage-slack.herokuapp.com/!

Download from https://badvoltage.org

A father of three daughters once told me that, while silence is golden, duck tape is priceless. :joy:


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By the way, duck,duct, whatever, tape that one buys at the store is really sorry for sealing duct work. It’s just not going to last.

When @jeremy talked about T1, I was reminded of the time when i first read about T1 somewhere.
At the time I thought about my own 2800baud modem, found the speed of 1.44 megabits per second absurdly high, and generally doubted that such a thing was actually used anywhere in real lilfe.
Good to know it was :slight_smile: .

I remember thinking “Who in the world would need any more than 64K of memory? 16K more than sufficient.” :grin:

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I once had a 20MByte hard disk and thought I could never fill this and my first computer had 3k of RAM.

Times change

Was it one of those the size of a suit case? A friend had one for his TRS-80. Although, I don’t think it had near that much storage.

It’s official now, I guess. https://www.blog.google/products/chromebooks/linux-on-chromebooks/

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