2x17: Nihil sub sole novum

Stuart Langridge and Jeremy Garcia present Bad Voltage, in which Jono is away (and not fired, promise), there is too much news, and:

  • [00:02:00] News: Juicero has run out of juice in the latest high-profile IoT market exit... Reddit close their source, igniting entirely atypical Redditor drama frenzy and prompting questions about whether anyone can stay open after getting millions of dollars... Oracle basically close down Solaris (gave it "a bullet in the head", says James Gosling), so pour out a valedictory drink for Sun, now essentially gone away...
  • [00:20:33] The Essential Phone: the hot new kid on the Android block. Lots of love and anticipation, and then a terrible tale of missing shipping and CCed photo IDs: is this going to be the next big thing? Would it have been the next big thing if they'd got the release right? Jeremy holds up his newly acquired phone and we look into the story around a product launch... and what you should do with goodwill when you find some

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The XKCD you mentionned lol

I got excited about the Jolla Phone, I’m normal-ish


I’m not convinced this statement is consistent with being a Bad Voltage fan. That’s not a bad thing by the way.


The iPhone 7 can have a headphone jack!

I actually missed @jonobacon in this one


Awww… you guys should do something special for your 100th. It’s something to be proud of and celebrate :slight_smile:

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