1x69: Bill and Ted and Jeremy and Bryan and Jono and Stuart's Excellent Adventure

Jono Bacon, Jeremy Garcia, Bryan Lunduke, and Stuart Langridge bring you Bad Voltage, in which none of us like each other's books, this is actually a real actual show, and also:

  • 00:03:00 The Nextcloud project has been formed by people leaving the Owncloud company and forking the product. What's this all about? What does it mean for {Own,Next}cloud, and for self-hosted file syncing?
  • 00:25:30 Bryan reviews the Dell XPS 13 developer laptop, 2016 edition
  • 00:40:42 Money and open source projects. As more projects start putting together ways to get money from donations or Patreon or funding, what should they do with that money? How do you decide how to parcel it out fairly?

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The span of our life is 70 years,Or 80 if one is especially strong. But they are filled with trouble and sorrow;They quickly pass by, and away we fly. - Psalms 90:10


Or, from the American Standard:

The days of our years are threescore years and ten, Or even by reason of strength fourscore years; Yet is their pride but labor and sorrow; For it is soon gone, and we fly away.

So, when are you guys going to count your episodes in ‘scores’?

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Can we start an indigogo to buy @bryanlunduke a pop shield?

Just for information, the Ars review of the XPS 13 says the thunderbolt port “supports charging”, which I guess means charging the laptop rather than other devices.

@jeremy I thought High-Rise was pretty enjoyable what didn’t you like about it?

I thought it was an interesting topic and could have been a very good movie. In fact, the first half or so I quite liked. But poor execution, terrible plot development and a huge over reliance on sex/violence (which they didn’t even do all that well) made the second half really really disappointing. What could have been an excellent complex social commentary just became a meandering unsatisfying mess.


Since Nextcloud has a technical public I don’t expect them into ran into a long and harsh transition like Libreoffice, but I am curious to see if they can reach sustainability rapidly.

You could probably ask elementary about the segment “how to use the money fairly in an FOSS project”, since they have 3 or 4 emploies on a team of 46 peoples. But I am not convinced that so many people want to work full-time for a below market salary.

I’m willing to give 2 pennies for a “Bad Voltage: Extreme” Sci-Fi novel.
Indie-No-No or Shit-Starter just name it.
1 penny on top for each of yours signed fan photos.

After all your repeated advertising for it,
I’m about to read the “bad voltage” novel in my vacation.
I’ll let you know if my copy is signed by the author.

I don’t know how bad is that Bad Voltage book, but the author has received two awards for a book he published many years later (The Kindly Ones, 2006). Hell, not only did he receive an award, he was even made French citizen thanks to this book!

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Interesting, I wasn’t aware. first cyberpunk, later history…reminds me of “Snow Crash” and “Cryptonomicon” by Neal Stephenson

I have just been handed a shiny new Dell XPS 15 from work (the Windows version), and I can confirm that it will charge from the USB-C port, which is especially handy since Dell do quite a nice USB-C docking station that can charge my laptop and connect up my screens!

As long as you release the book as CC, I’d be all in on contributing to an effort to write a ‘Bad Voltage’ that’s worse than the other one.

goes to read the other one

Also, I feel that this was much more of a “Bogus Journey” than an “Excellent Adventure”

Finally got around to transitioning my ownCloud 8 server to the latest release of Nextcloud. I’m pretty happy with it so far. It’s running on a Wheezy install and transitioned flawlessly.

I also started taking the Android app for a spin, which is quite beautiful and uses Material Design. They also, finally, added the ability to upload to dated folders using the Instant Upload feature.

I hope they will release a desktop client soon.

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