1x67: This is not a show

This is not a show. Think of this as "Bad Voltage Unplugged". Various parts of the team went off to CLS and OSCON, and then there were various disasters, and so we didn't have a show. So, instead, we've got this: Jeremy, Jono, and Stuart chatting about things -- OSCON, and things that aren't OSCON -- to tide you over. Hope you enjoy this rather bare-bones Bad Voltage...

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Great show again guys. It’s a pity Bryan couldn’t make it and circumstances made last weeks show impossible. But, sometimes life gets in the way. I hope @Jono 's son Jack is fully recovered by now, or if not that he makes a speedy recovery. Strep-throught is not pleasant I remember my daughter suffering from it when she was very young.

Personally, I liked the stripped down nature of this one. No music and pre-recorded stuff, just a chat.

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Agreed, it is a pretty cool format.

An interesting variation on Bad Voltage
Theres at least one hipster style Speak easy in Old Street (in London), they can be nice bars to go to
Good luck with your new venture Jono

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