1x60: New Again

Jono Bacon, Jeremy Garcia, Bryan Lunduke, and Stuart Langridge bring you Bad Voltage, in which Bryan wants to be Benjamin Disraeli, it's not worth spending twenty minutes to get free money, and:

  • 00:02:00 Brave is a new web browser focused around privacy and micropayments by blocking ads and trackers. We discuss what it's like to run and what we think of it!
  • 00:20:54 Jeremy reviews the Moto 360 Gen 2 smartwatch, and we discuss it being pretty and actually good at its job
  • 00:37:53 Project Ara is a Google initiative to build a modular smartphone. Are we convinced by it as a concept? Would we buy one?
  • 00:54:35 Conference review: SCaLE and linux.conf.au

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Just upto the Magic Slot. Ack: "It’s stupid !"
Haha … gives me a recall of the RS232 slot on the Psion 7.

The fact it is a phone and way too small for me is why I don’t like smartphone. On I have seen phones with broken screens many times. How many times have you seen like a landline phone break or get stolen. I sort of wanted the smart pocket watch a time many years I could not think ago not quite sure if it was 10. Although now I would think there probably won’t be maintained drivers for it or software for such a thing. Also I would be distracted enough without one on it so why add more distractoins. Again this might just be more than anything else.
Also I want clocks in public places and not have everyone pull out a smartphone to check time.

Also speaking of scale and needing a hug I remember made me want a hug so much that I ended up hugging my backpack it had darth vader on it and said I find your lack of faith disturbing.
Also new expo hall for scale was not way too loud like it was the previous two years but this is mainly my problem with low noise tolerance comparitively.

With regards to the Moto 360 review, I use the Sony Smartwatch 3 with a metal strap which also runs Android Wear. I love it and since it can pop out of the strap you could use it as a pocket watch without too much trouble.
I absolutely love it and use it quite heavily. But I totally understand that it isn’t for everyone.

Any idea if there are chains that can be attached to it? I like to have my pocket watches attached to a chain that loops through my pocket-watch loop in my jackets. Because I’m clumsy. :slightly_smiling:

Unfortunately I’m not aware of any existing accessory to do this today. You could possibly remove the waterproof battery charging cover and use the hole it creates in the bottom for a chain. But you will lose the ability to press the button (not a big loss). It is also probably conceivable with a 3D printer and a bit of time. I think the next closest thing you are going to get is an Apple Watch where a chain accessory does exist for it.

Tempted to get a 360 and perform surgery. Very, very tempted.

Now with a Moto 360 you could probably just remove the bottom strap and use the metal catch from the top strap for your chain.

I came from a Pebble Steel to the Sony and Android Wear just integrates so much better. I was sceptical at first but it has become part of my notification filtering process. I don’t get out my phone every time it pings, I just swipe away anything I don’t have to deal with right now.

But I totally get that it isn’t for everyone. My local tech friends things I’m mad, the non-tech friends think I’m madder (they are all probably right).

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