1x58: Nappy Hue Year

Not being there I can’t sense the tone, but IME that’ s a pretty goods sign of quietly forgetting the stuff that’s not going so well and concentrating on the New Hotness (or in Juju’s case the not so new hotness).

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Episode verdict: too much Brian. Best in measured doses. The Jorge Castro interview wasn’t very interesting (hey, I’m sure the project is awesome at what it does, it’s just that what it does is not very interesting) and Brian being rude to the guy didn’t make it any funnier.

I only say this as it’s an unusual departure from your normal high standard :slight_smile: Love you guys. Really.

Does it have the same side effects as excessive magnesium? :smile:

Exactly the same effects.

It’s not looking great for that Ubuntu Phone prediction: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/02/17/meizu-pro-5-ubuntu-edition-launches-globally/

My flexible display prediction (which was admittedly a reach) may have been a bit optimistic, but this is still impressive: http://gizmodo.com/this-flexible-prototype-is-a-glimpse-at-your-future-pho-1759592057


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I’m trying to remember, was the prediction that there would not be an Ubuntu phone this year?

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