1x22: Oval Ted Bag


How could anyone bestow pain on you, you’re such a lovable person!

I would love to say thank you to @bryanlunduke @jonobacon @sil and @jeremy for creating Bad Voltage, its something that only comes once every two weeks but its great to listen to and I really enjoy it, I feel personality in the podcast and its just great, I do love it, and its my favorite podcast to listen to at the moment!

Thank you for creating this entertainment so for an hour or so we can kinda sorta drift out of reality to hear about some BS thats happening in reality, to imagine @sil in the shower cluncly trying to wash his hair and get his speaker ready, to imagine @bryanlunduke expose himself to his Xbox One when he really knew he should have joined @jonobacon with his PS4 and battlefeild, even though Jono is way to busy to play video games, Jeremy, well unfortunatly I’m not sure what weird shiz he does yet, but we have quite a bit of dirt on Jono and Lunduke anyways!

Thank you for creating this Podcast, it does make me smile and Laugh out loud, and its great to talk and listen to you guys!
So thank you again, like alot!
<3 Chloe!


Thanks so much, @ChloeWolfieGirl - we love doing Bad Voltage and we especially love doing it when we feel there is a community out there that gets some enjoyment out of it.

After doing LugRadio for a bunch of years, I discovered that the real magic in a podcast is in the presenters, their personalities, and how they mix together. This is one of the reason we wanted the mix of personalities we have…too many of the same person would be boring, and there has been some fun moments over the shows so far that I think speak well to the mix and contrast of views, opinions, and ideas.

Thanks for the kind words!


@ChloeWolfieGirl True Words - Well spoken :slight_smile:


I don’t know, imagine four Bryan’s all complementing each other of how brilliant and insightful the others are. Just how much would be said besides “You’re awesome, dude”, “No, you’re awesome, dude”?

However, how much arguing would there be with four Stuarts?


Dude! I would play the sh!t out of that awesome show!

You sure as sh!t would, dude!

I know, right?

Effin-A, dude!


I assume the entire IT department of Microsoft enjoys that as well.


Could this explain the lack on innovation at Microsoft?


I’ve that the worst in humanity gets a little darker and the best of humanity gets a little brighter every time I find a web browser

This! the whole irreverent attitude of the show is what I dig the most. Well, that and the raging Britt (@sil) !


None. I only argue when people are wrong. This happens distressingly often; I’m a slave to the truth.


No sil - you are a slave to your perception of what the truth is, at any particular time.


Fortunately, what I perceive as truth is truth. :slight_smile:



@sil The truth is ad hoc. Once the truth was, that the earth was the center of the universe - today we know that it is not so. Once the truth was, that fish like salmon and cod was healthy food, today we know that they have a high concentration of heavy metals like mercury. And i could make 10 statements more like that. So hang on to your perception of what the truth is, just as long that you update your perceptions as evidence ticks in.


No it isn’t. Belief is ad hoc. Knowledge, being mostly justified true belief (modulo the office story and Thomas Kuhn) might be ad hoc. The truth is not, even if we perceive it as through a glass, darkly.


Okay @sil I was a bit loose and trigger happy there. But truth can still only be stated inside a confidence interval, making room for out layers and abnormalities.


Totally. Much as I’d like to believe it, I don’t always know what the truth is. Just nearly always :slight_smile:


Glad that we can agree to be critical :smiley:


Then it was seen that it is I that is the center of the universe. And the sooner you all figure that out the better off I’ll be!


About the free licensing of media:

The issue, as was brought up, is that no one cares about licenses when they can be ignored, eg pirating. What matters is when this becomes a problem and we have to find ways around the restrictions. Free licenses are one way to get around the dangers of restrictive licensing.

However, consider the media available under a CC license as compared to the media available to someone who will just ignore licenses. Just as it has taken a long time for open source software to grow, it will likewise take a long time to grow the CC media library. But once the catalog has grown, it will become a better option.


In natural sciences, it used to be that the publishing companies had absolute rights to the material (text, graphics, etc.). Nowadays, with the advent of open access journals, that has changed significantly. While many journals still require the author to allow them some rights, there are those that require only minimal rights or none at all.

The best part is that the author nowadays is allowed by the huge majority of publishers to reuse/update parts of the paper (text,plots) or grant permission to others to use figures (a huge deal in science) and even reprint the article as long as no fee is charged.

IMHO, the absolutely best part is that you’re allowed to put a version of your article on free e-print servers, e.g., arxiv.org. This has literally revolutionized how science is done nowadays, because not every university has enough money to get a subscription to every journal. Previously, only rich western universities had enough money to get proper subscription, while everyone else was barred due to exceptionally high costs of journal subscriptions.

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