1x22: Oval Ted Bag


Thanks for the clarification. I’m relatively new to the linux world and I don’t usually spend a lot of time on forums.

Honestly I mostly use Apple products, but I run Ubuntu Studio 14.04 on an old windows box that I inherited (Pentium 4, baby!)… The idea of open hardware would be fascinating to me, but a big problem I’ve had with trying to get into linux and trying other distributions is the fact that a lot of them are not easy to install and don’t have useful documentation that would allow me to troubleshoot things easily. Open hardware could be excellent, but even if it’s competitive with its proprietary equivalent the barrier to ‘normal’ users would leave many users who can’t resolve their own software issues unhappy with a distribution they’re forced into settling with.

Just speaking from my experience with just the software side.


Emailed to you. :slight_smile:


Sure, use the kiddo as an excuse so we all get a warm fuzzy feeling and don’t give you too hard of a time…

In all serious, that’s an awesome reason for not being around.

Wow, really man-ing up to this!


I admit that this is a spectacular example of grace under fire. Hanging out with your kids is a perfectly good reason to miss a show (although the actual reason was calendar-reading incompetence) and none of the rest of us are man enough to change avatar everywhere (nor will I be shamed into doing so, for reasons established by @jonobacon in the before-the-music teaser a couple of shows ago). This is heroism by @bryanlunduke. I am begrudgingly impressed.


Jeeze, get a room you two.

Oh… and the deed is done. As a side effect of changing my avatar with G+… that means gmail and hangouts show that damned heart now too.

I am expecting a good, steady stream of ribbing this week.


And hugging family members :slight_smile: That is not an excuse, that is a valid reason.


In sympathy with Bryan, I update my avatar to a Danish politician that I detest.


I must say, that this is the first time that an avatar was changed and I am not amused. Why? Well, before, changing an avatar was silly (Bryan eating a sausage, Jono being a pony) or light-hearted ludicrous (Stuart’s being Carlton Heston). And, while I know that there was no malice at all intended, that this was all in fun, my impression is that this was a painful period in Bryan’s life. Or maybe I’ve read this all wrong and am barking up the wrong tree.

A suggestion: Think beforehand of some appropriate avatar changes, then write them down and bring them up for discussion when the need arises.

I will say I am impressed as to how Bryan is handling this, especially if this does bring back some pain. Thanks for setting a good example Bryan.




Wow, could this become a thing…where people change their avatars in sympathy?

Impressed, @Boerlum, and welcome! :slight_smile:


we should form a club! Jono “I have to use a mac” Bacon can be the chair.


Bad Apple?


…I am all about the names…


You rule.


Oh, it’s quite alright, my friend. Is there some pain associated with those final days of the original Jupiter Broadcasting for me? … yes. But I’m not the kind to hide from past pain. I’m not some dumb European who sues to be taken off Google or something stupid like that. :smile:

Besides… I still get emails every day (usually multiple) of people letting me know of something that the new Jupiter Broadcasting crew said (about me). Or they let me know that they’re not watching the Linux Action Show anymore now that I’m gone. Stuff like that. Which… really… just makes me feel loved. People can be quite caring and kind sometimes… even on the Internet.

What was I saying? Oh, right. Point is… I can’t really hide from the existence of Jupiter Broadcasting. So it’s not like changing my avatar brings up bad memories that would otherwise be hidden below the surface or something. :smile: Honestly, I need to give props to my co-hosts for this one… this was a great choice. If I had been drinking milk when I found out about it… it would have all been expelled out through my nose. Probably would have ruined my laptop.

There is a long, glorious tradition of dude-friends busting each others balls. A tradition I gladly take part in (both giving and receiving). It’s done with love.

That said… I know at least one or two people that are probably a bit grumpy about this punishment avatar. :smile:


Exactly. This is what I love about Bad Voltage and our community…we poke fun, but it is all done in jest and with love. This is how real friendships are defined: by pushing boundaries that really say “he is cool, and he will be cool with this”. I think everyone has lines that shouldn’t be crossed, and we have a decent understanding of where those lines are drawn.

If someone is getting grumpy about this, they need to chill out. It is a bit of fun, not a declaration of war. Jupiter Broadcasting is awesome and does a great job, and we all love Chris and Matt.



(Also, the occasional cuddle is okay too.)


So, I guess it’s not in the same vein as changing one’s avatar to a picture of the motel where one’s spouse had been found cheating. :smile:

I’m so glad that this was, in my mind, blown out of proportion. It’s just that I have seen good friendships ruined because of crossing that “line”. Bur, as I say, the more resilient a person is to the jesting, the more fun he has.

I really didn’t get a hint of the impression otherwise.


Actually, Jono saying “I have to use a Mac” might be a sign of denial of an addiction. Next, we will be hearing “I only use Mac’s socially” or “I can quit anytime”. Maybe someone needs to do an intervention. Perhaps sending Jono an old pc running Lindows. :smile:


Ahahahahahaha that is it exactly :slight_smile:


Allan Jude is pretty solid too - not the same thing a know, but I have a couple of Canadians laying around, that I love burning tobacco in :slight_smile:

I did here a German do a good rant about that, in another inferior podcast.

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