Lunduke Tablet Challenge


So, this should be my last eveming with a tablet only (personal) life. It’s actually been a huge surprise for me as I thought that I’d itching for my laptop back harder than an addict for his next hit. But, for day to day work, it’s almost there. The biggest let down, for me, is the battery. I understand this is specific to the hardware I have, but it definitely doesn’t last as long as my Yoga 11s when using them both hard. I was expecting a couple of days of hard use, not a few hours. Maybe someone with a better brand could chip in with their battery life.

The screen makes the device though. It’s big enough to use for anything you’d use a laptop for, combined with the multi touch input that allows me to type at a fairly impressive speed. There’s also the fact that I would mind breaking this much less than my laptop as it’s a much cheaper device. Now, I’m not saying that I’m going to take it swimming, it is useful on trips away when luggage space is tight and the last thing you want to find at your destination is a cracked laptop screen.

I’m quite sad that I couldn’t get Golang to run much, as I thought Google might push that on Android. Coming from a solid Python background I do, at least, get that option using QPython. So, this weekend , even thought I’m on a stag night, I’m going to try and throw an app together, written on the tablet, for the tablet using Python and Kivy.

So, in summary, a nice surprise. Just a shame Maemo never lived to see this format because it would have owned the tablet.


Whilst on the train today, I managed to write a very small player to play and pause a BV episode. It’s stupidly basic, but proves you can write, debug and run apps using Andrioid. Also, because it’s Python, you could run this anywhere If I can find the time, I’ll try and make something usable.

Also, thanks for the mention in the last episode, that was cool.


Completely agree. Keeping my fingers crossed that we get some better Linux support on the Bay Trail tablets. That’s the holy grail, right there. (Though Fedlet and the like aren’t there yet.)

Lately I’ve settled on using “Office Suite Pro”. Does quite a nice job of providing me with a solid word processor. Then I use Droid Edit for most other texty activities. Between the two I end up pretty well covered.

My only complaint is the lack of support for ODF. But otherwise it suits my needs quite well.


I’ll have a look at Office Suit Pro. I did buy Droid Edit a while back, it’s quite nice. What I really want to do is get Emacs running (no luck so far)


One other thing I use a bit of: DOSBox Turbo. Handy for games, to be sure. But also quite nice for running DOS utilities (including FreeDOS ones) and the occasional Win 3.1 app (such as Photoshop and Word… and Civ 2). And for a file browser I’ve settled on ES File Explorer.

Random tidbits. Shrug. :smile:


Hmmm. Maybe Android doesn’t want me to quote reply to this particular thread. I managed to use it on another thread, but was unsuccessful on this one. A conspiracy at foot? Or is it just my typical universe? WHY DOES EVERYBODY (and everything) HATE ME? :smile:


It’s really odd. Is it a JS or CSS trick to get the button?


It works!!! Must have held my tongue just right! :slight_smile:


How is the Yoga 11s coming along @joe be good ?

Yoga Mmmmh


On Fedora 25, pretty much everything was working in terms of the tablet mode, autorotate etc. I recently gave it to my partner and put Ubuntu on, which has lost some of the features - hopefully they’ll come back when the Kernel catches up.


I noticed an Ubuntu Tablet on feebay, recently.

I guess if you contacted the guy - you’d get it for £150ish.

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