Google Firing Engineer: Thoughts?


I hope he comes back too :slight_smile: honestly, my initial response to the post was 'thats click work, i want at least 50 swagbucks to do that!". Thats where i agree it was done wrong because i think were all here for fun firrst. I mean, it was leading too but that could have been discussed and ive always enjoyed he and his posts in other threads :slight_smile: i just really had to say that even though im on a smoke break at work so please excuse shitty “old using a phone” typing.


I think @WarrenHill approached that much better than I would have. That being said, it’s Tom Jones…discord really needs a “flying panties” emoji :wink:


I hope he comes back too. I really want to encourage all any viewpoints to be discussed here with civility and good intentions. I think sarcasm is fine, but I also want to ensure we are all respectful to each other.

There is already too much “picking sides” in the world, and I want to ensure our little part of the internet is not about picking sides, but exploring each other’s viewpoints, underlined with respectful discussion.



I vaguely know Tom, we have met a few times: Glastonbury,two years ago, most recently.

He would be flattered .Assuming I could arrange this (highly unlikely) he comes to the bar where you are drinking with your friends to serenade you. What song do you want him to sing?


Holy shit, random flashbacks to being a kid sitting on the living room couch watching Cagney & Lacey and getting a tad confused and uncomfortable whenever Sharon Gless was on the screen. Random kid crushes! :slight_smile:



That’s awesome! Thank you :smiley: However, I’m in Toronto so I’m guessing it’s super incredibly unlikely. My favorite though is Delilah which is funny when you consider what it’s about and what this thread is. I’ll just state now that I’m certainly not advocating that! It’s an amazing drunken karaoke/sing (well, warble off key in my case) along song though! :slight_smile:



Sorry… Can’t.Help.Myself.


Uh dude, you get that it’s not simply “a side” for me, right? Even though, I can put myself in another’s shoes and see some of their points…well kinda. I’m speaking in the broader scope of the core issue here; Like the whole “pussy pass/women workers are nothing more than window dressing” thing, that’s not going to work out for me even if I were ever to try. Also for a whole lot of other women and, when you really think about it, the women who practice that are being sexist themselves. Yeah, I said it (so whoever wants to can pile on for “slut shaming”, “just being jelly” or whatever), but fuck the world, I’m not a “nice girl” nor a “mean girl” and I have a right to exist even so. That’s what it comes down to, eh? My very right to exist as I am unfettered.

It’d be nice if “some women” didn’t mean “all women” in some peoples minds. I think that comes from people circle jerking only one perspective. Seriously though, I swear to gawd I don’t share a hive mind with radoms ex-girlfriend, the mean girl bully at work, etc. etc. I think a lot of people get caught up in Us v. them (and the “them” all being a biased perception of “them”) thinking like that. There’s no doubt nothing is going to change unless the problem is first acknowledged and then addressed as best as possible. So while it’s usually not pleasant, if you want to get rid of a hornets nest and all you have is a stick…you gotta do some poking. Thanks and thanks to everyone, especially the mods, for poking :slight_smile:


Oh, totally - I was making a general point. I think you have proven on here that you like to explore different sides of an issue. :slight_smile:


And if maybe if there were a procedure to put in belly windows. :smile:

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