God: Does He/She/It exist


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Oh noes…with such a lame joke too :0 Well, there it is :slight_smile:


I’m done with you, Gervase. I am a self-confessed agnostic, have been for over 25 years. What I wrote above should have confirmed that. I don’t need your tired impenetrable Biblical platitudes to console me for what the Catholic church did to my family. I’m tired of you telling me humans can’t be moral without a religious core.

I’m tired of you. Please don’t reply to this.


I dunno man, that’s not the impression I got from this

In fact, that looks a lot like what an atheist would say to me. I can get where the miscommunication occurred.

Besides, I don’t think WarrenHill intended this thread as a circle jerk (which admittedly is common on this subject matter) when they started it. Rather, a conversation amongst friendlies with diverse views. How 'bout that? Gerv is a friendly to you <3 In fact, eveyone here seems to be strangely so :slight_smile: (mind you, I’m used to typing /g or /r before reading a thread…so my bar’s not that high ;))


Let’s keep this friendly, pal.


What does “decent” even mean, if “there is no standard for good and evil anyway”?

You keep smuggling a standard back in so you can use words like “decent” with some expectation that other people will know what you mean. But you can’t have it both ways. Either there’s a standard, or “decent” actually means “approved by me”, in which case your statement is correct but not particularly useful.

So in 1850s America, where slavery was a societal norm and most people supported it, slavery was “good”?


Gerv, I feel like you are trying to invalidate something that is generally well known: people are able to lead good lives without a directive or approval of god. I feel like we are going in circles so I am dipping out.

Don’t be silly, of course it wasn’t, but it was as you say societally normal. Our definition of “good” evolves. This is why today being gay or trans is more accepted than ever, we are becoming more accepting.

In any case, if god really defined good and evil, why did he allow millions to be enslaved? It doesn’t make sense.


I’m being repeatedly told that I’m not a moral person. I’m being told I’m an atheist. I’m not being a dick, and I can do that without necessarily being “friendly”.


That was me attempting to chop off the thread, because I knew where this would lead. Running a thread about religion — especially Christianity — is a tremendously bad idea.

I’m so over this thread.


Ok, that’s cool. It’s not like it’s any of our jobs or anything to post on Bad Voltage. See you around other threads :slight_smile:


I am actually super proud of how everyone has participated. Agreed though that I think we are done here.


Agreed, I certainly don’t have the time and patience to explain the new covenant nor the free will given to humans. Yup, that would be exhausting and that seems like where this is headed. I’m also satisfied that the point of faith and intelligence not being mutually exclusive was made by example ITT (I mean by Gervs participation, I’m not so clever) It was a refreshing departure from how threads focused on this subject usually go and should be considered a feather in your communities cap :slight_smile:


I don’t know, what if we combined this question of God with the issue of vaccinations? :smile:

There is one question that no source has yet to answer satisfactorily.

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