Climate Change: are we screwed?


Can you provide a reputable source for this? By which I mean a link to an original scientific paper or serious science website such as Nature for example.

There is a clear link showing that CO2 levels population growth and fossil fuel burning all occurred at the same time and that during this time global temperatures have increased.


This image was lifted from Wikepedia, not always the most accurate source but I have seen graphs showing the correlation between CO2, population, temperature and fossil fuel usage in journals such as Nature: Climate Change in the past.

This could be a coincidence but seems unlikely. It is true to say that correlation and causation are separate things however but I believe that this does raise important questions.

I will reply in more detail once I have had time to locate relevant sources

There may not be a link but on the one hand if we are causing the climate to change and we take appropriate action we limit the effects. If non of this is from human causes what have we lost by taking action?


Weather != climate.


Well, actually with this particular system (same one responsible for the tornado Sunday in Alabama) the question has become a current narrative. If you’ll notice, this PBS article linked offers no definitive statement (mind you I’m inclined to see Bernie Sanders statements as too brash) much less a boolean one.


I’ll say it again, just with more words: weather is not the same thing as climate.


Climate scientists at NOAA gave their take in almost as little words:

Weather and climate describe the same thing—the state of the atmosphere—but at different time scales.

But that’s not really my point. I’ve been around long enough to know things are messed up, that’s my personal observations and truth. Again, personal truth. Having already arrived at that, my mindset is now focused on how I’m going to endure what I see as the last days of abundance. I’m going to try my best to enjoy myself while I still can and would encourage others to do so as well (that’s my point). To that end, I’m waiting on a package of aquarium supplies because I’ve been obsessing over something this thread and WarrenHill inspired a couple weeks ago. I do realise I have an obligation to generations after me and WarrenHill did have a very good point about inventorying what one could do needing to be an ongoing process (least, that was my take away)



Personally, I do think that climate change is caused at least in part by humans.

The main point of difficulty I have with the evidence is that it can’t properly account for galactic factors. Human observation is limited to at most few hundred years, when the earth has been going around the sun and sun around the centre of the Milky Way for much longer than that. A variation of a few degrees in billions of years doesn’t seem that significant. People used to believe that if they prayed during an eclipse that the sun would return, well they were right, it did come back every time!

However, what I do think is obvious is that if you dump poison in the water supply and pump poison into the atmospheres and put not biodegradable substances in the ground, then air and water will become poisonous and the ground saturated which will threaten human health.

In some ways the argument seems a little too macro and not enough micro. Arguments against the marco are used to justify not sorting out the micro. While genuine micro concerns are not used to justify changing macro policy.


@WarrenHill, remember when I said I was going to do something just for you? Ok well a couple weeks actually worked out to be a couple months, but I’ve done it and it can be found here :slight_smile:
Carbon Capture Cocktail

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