Bad Voltage for iOS

Agreed. I would love to see things like:

  • More Bad Voltage look and feel.
  • Integrated community features such as forums, the Twitter feed, IRC channel etc.


OK, cool, good responses :slight_smile: I wasn’t trying to be deliberately hassly (as I can be from time to time), just a touch of devil’s advocate :wink:

Is there any possibility to provide an additional RSS feed that includes all episodes, not only the latest 10? Maybe per season? This would be useful for the apps.

There is such a possibility, yep. Do we need one for both ogg and mp3? Does it need to contain full descriptions? What else should be in it? App developers, speak now.

I need mp3 because ogg codec isn’t pre-installed on Jolla.
I don’t think that the full descriptions are needed, but it wouldn’t hurt.
At the moment nothing else crosses my mind, maybe later…
Thanks :slight_smile:


It does not seem possible to have two feeds with different amounts of posts in them, with podPress. There are two settings – a global setting for “how many posts are in a feed”, and a podPress-feed-specific setting for “how many posts are in this feed”. But the podPress one is ignored, as far as I can tell. So this may not be possible after all. Is anyone a podPress expert?

What you have there now is working for me. I have the webview in the app now with the html description. I want to do a couple of things before sending a new build.

Nice! Thanks for your work on this! :slight_smile:

ok, it was just a proposal, if it’s not possible, that’s ok for me. I have no experience with podPress.
Thanks for the effort :slight_smile:

It ought to be possible. That it isn’t seems to be a bug rather than a deliberate policy. Nonetheless I can’t figure it out :frowning:

Could it be that the global setting indicates the max. amount of entries in every feed? So that the specific number is ignored when it’s larger than the max. amount? Have a look at the last post here:

I thought that. However, if I set the global setting to 20, then it puts 20 episodes in every feed; the podpress per-feed settings are ignored afaict :frowning:

There seems to be a way to do it with code:

Update posted:

  • Added detail view with “Play Episode” button that will take user to the player view.
  • Changed the summary view to use a web view and display html content from the feed.  Links in the summary view will open up in Safari.
  • Fixed the centering of the Bad Voltage logo on the list view.
  • Resized the scrubber to avoid accidental “back” swipes (and to make room for labels indicating time left and time played).

Edit: added some issues here:

I would like to get this into the badvoltage github organiZation, but I’m not sure how.

I think @neuro can add you to the organisation.
Also have a look here: GitHub Organisation

Update posted:

  • Added elapsed/remaining labels next to scrubber on player view.
  • Put Artist/Title/Album Art in lock screen.
  • Fast forward/rewind are now skip forward and skip back in 30 second intervals.

It’s all good here, I think. A couple of minor items: the ffwd/rew icons on the lock screen don’t seem to do anything, the show descriptions are weirdly in a serif font while the remainder of the app isn’t, which seems a bit strange, and the main screen is sorta… visually plain. I love that the forum links work!

Fixed lock screen icons.
Fixed web view font.
Not sure what to do about the main screen being plain.

Confirmed all those things are fixed! Nice.

does that mean we’re ready to ship v1.0?

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