Bad Community Charity:Water Fundraiser - we want your donations!


I honestly don’t have anything to add. I’ve given you links to multiple unrelated entities that are well known for rating charities. I’m very selective when donating and this particular charity meets my criteria. It’s possible it doesn’t meet yours and that’s fine. Feel free to donate to whichever charities you feel are a good match for you, or start your own if you think you can do better.



Fair enough.
Just thought you’d like to have an accountability debate - but that’s cool too.


A few of us may remember may remember this campaign where we raised $385 which was doubled meaning $770 is now being spent in Ségou region of Mali. to provide access to clean water for 22 people who may otherwise of died of water based illnesses.

I am not aiming to reopen this thread but I have received an email today with an update video

For those interested the link to the video can be found here


I suspect this is the final update but for those interested in where our money went I received an email update recently.

We raised $770 as a community which went towards drilling a well in Mali for anyone looking for more details they are here on the mycharity.water website.

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