2x46: A Giant Loser


Regarding the decision to use USB-C in future Raspberry Pi, Eben Upton said:

In the kind of fairly-rugged environment that people use Pi in, if the connector gets twisted or it gets dust in it, you can end up exposing the high-speed differential pairs on that connector to rather high voltages

Anyone have or know of such incidents with USB-C?


This is awesome, I cannot wait for the arguments in next years prediction review episode.

Slack to go public, but explicitly not an IPO. Nil points! :slight_smile:



But… but… it’s the spirit of the prediction. :rofl:


On the USB-C, I work at Staples and any laptop over $500 dollars comes with a type-c port, as do the desktops. I have a Razer laptop through my University and that has type-c. My mom has a Dell XPS 13 with type-c. My girlfriend has a budget Samsung, not a flagship, that has type-c. Maybe it’s just my circle of people, but I think it’s been embraced…

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