2x36: Open Cooks


Just a note on the end-of-show banter…I find it highly amusing that you are a bunch of middle-aged white chaps, and you all listen to Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill, and Flavor Flav, while I, a black guy in my mid-50s, listen to Rush, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult and the like, and am not a fan of hip-hop.


Power of the exotic.

Still, to be fair, Jono has only just discovered PE, and IIRC he’s always been more of a metal/guitar guy. I don’t expect him to enjoy the likes of Jay-Z or Kanye beyond megahits like 99 Problems.

(Not that the two worlds were too distant at one point: Rock This Way created a wave of predominantly-white crossover bands in the '90s.)


Solved Chromebook install
-open chomebook remove mother board
-replace with raspberry pi (3 b+)
-buy screen to hdmi cable
-do some keyboard soldering
-rewire battery
-install OS flavour of the month


Slight exaggeration there, perhaps :slight_smile:


Hey @rSol, welcome to the community! :smile:


@sil What was the make & model of the chromebook again, cheers?
remembered it was arm-netbook, chromebook.
or is this a past issue now?


I think it’s a C201p. It doesn’t matter now, though; he’s perfectly happy with termux, he says!


same can be said for all c100pa chromebooks.

…guessing p stands for piss-off in the US too.

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