2x35: Two Point Five Billion Factor Auth


I heard there was something about a ginger-party talked about in an episode earlier.

More relevantly, I saw something about appointing a ‘digital executor’ this week.


I guess the main question is who keeps upto date with the tech changes in this scenario, is it me as the person who owns the accounts or the legal professional? If it’s ‘me’ then it makes it more difficult to make it a more generic service.

E.g Google changes it’s auth method would the legal professional request new credentials from clients or would they need to update the professional? There’s a lot of people who may not make the connection that ‘changed password’ is a change of credentials, and it’s just another thing to remember. Whereas if you don’t tell the professional at the moment about a new bank account you just go to the bank and go ‘they are dead, gimme money’

I suppose the ideal is that all companies who offer account services offer someway for next of kin to prove death and therefore ownership of the account so that access to assets within the service can be accessed without specific instructions as it sounds like too much hardwork for anyone to do with with credentials etc.


It’s unfortunate, but someone’s gotta, right? I mean, I’m not sure there’s a good way around that…


Yeah which I think is where the problem lays, property law for example doesn’t change too often and when it does every legal professional will be aware of it. Facebook changing auth methods however…

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