2x23: Twenty Months He Will Bleed The Lands

Hey, been waiting for this!
But did something wrong happen, because the episode I get from badvoltage.org/feed/mp3(through my podcastmanager) is the previous one, 2x22. The YouTube link is good though.

Same here on dogcatcher. It’s the episode after Alan Pope was on.

We apologise for the inconvenience. Stuart especially.


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You muppet, @sil. :slight_smile:


It only became inconvenient once you stopped talking about Slackware!

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My prediction for 2018 is: There will be a slight, but measurable, uptick in the success of the predictions of the BV team. Wait, what would be a 100% improvement from 2017? :smile:

Sorry, 100% improvement would still be zero. On the upside, any improvement in 2018 is infinitely better than 2017! That sounds even better than 100%.

Awesome, very funny & entertaining show.

@jonobacon for me you are the winner of hearts for those weak attempts to bargain.
You knew they would mock you even harder, but still did it, for listeners’ entertainment (right…?).
True wrestling :slight_smile:

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I think this is a +1 for @jonobacon

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the real community is google plus, dude.

… and … still going.


I think the phrase you were looking for was “not even wrong” RE: the predictions :slight_smile: I have a book with that title :smiley:

Hmmph. Still not fixed on Pocket Casts. I want to hear how terrible your predictions were.

/me goes off to dig through app settings

But for the record, I think most of us prefer interesting predictions over correct ones :slight_smile:
( at least within this show :wink: )

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“we’re excited to enable Service Workers by default in this release”

and it is 2017 still!

Point for me :slight_smile:

Dan, you are a legend. :slight_smile:

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From my personal POV it’s like this:

  • neither did my wife (who uses facebook almost every day) hear anything about VR in facebook so far,
  • nor does any of my apple-using friends use any feature, function, app or whatever that is related to safari service workers

So imho, both news items are too little, too late to get you a point
(actually i could really use :smug_grin: emoji down here :smirk: )

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this is not a totally unreasonable argument, I admit it

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Isn’t polling over anyway? :wink:

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I have now officially liked something on the Bad Voltage forum. And you never thought it would happen, @jonobacon.