2x21: A Roomba for Companionship


Is this a chronological list? If so, then since the SE started as a renamed, and somewhat altered, 5s, then it should probably be #10 with the 6 / 6 Plus. If not, then, never mind! :slight_smile:



iPhone 6S / 6S Plus: announced 2015-09-09, pre-orders begun 2015-09-12, released 2015-09-25
iPhone SE: announced 2016-03-21, released 2016-03-31

Don’t mess with the bull, son, you’ll get the horns.

EDIT: seems I changed the order just after posting, and put the SE after the 7 rather than before. Still shouldn’t be before the 6 though!


moments later

Hahahahahaha :smiley:


Full credit to @neuro for correcting, and being right about it not being before the 6, but nonetheless I did giggle rather. Pride goeth, pal :slight_smile:




Loved hearing Popey on the show this week!! Great show all of you, you make my daily commute much more enjoyable. Thank you.


Thanks for the kind words. <3





very over-rated and he often gets missed out for obvious reasons. the guy’s clowning everybody else.

Although I hear the mongo-db team are holding up-well ,with AskTheExperts as their slogan (may have said this before, dunno).

do you think they’ll ever get those patio-chairs to look tec-bubble enough ?

the postman said it had been alot cooler lately.


Oh-kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy …




I was referring to Mongo from one of the best movies ever made, Blazing Saddles.

Oh, it’s twue
It’s twue
It’s twue


I just wanted to throw my two cents in, and I KNOW this is old news now but now that I have kids, the library has much to offer me in assisting my quest to educate my kids. There are after school programs, and well, books, lots of books and since reading is fundamental, it’s a great resource. As much as I like ebooks, nothing is better than a real book with kids.

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