2×19: Machine Learning

Oh my goodness, today I’ve learned @jonobacon doesn’t know who is Miles Davis and what is “Kind of Blue”. Please take 59 minutes of your life to listen to it, it’s quite an album, to say the least.

Plus I’m sure it’s compatible with your Google devices.


I’m a big fan of the idea and the single hardest part of the technology (cooling incoming air from over 1000°C to -150°C at thousands of mph and getting all the products ready to burn at suitable pressure/temp.) has now been demonstrated to ESA + UK government successfully (iirc).
Using oxygen from the air instead of carrying it in internal tanks for the first few tens of miles of launch/flight (it’ll take off like a plane) is a brilliant innovation and should make it cheap enough to compete with SpaceX and the like if the rest of the technology can be manufactured cheaply enough. But the implementation has been an ongoing project (on and off again) since the 60s(?)ish, and I have doubts whether they can make it happen in time to not miss the market (speaking only as an amateur who’s read lots of commentary/history on it). They’ve been given some government funding and need to raise a lot more from industry.

We haven’t yet seen anyone land rockets with people in yet, though I’m sure Musk (and Blue Origins and maybe others) are working on human-rated safety levels and systems as per their NASA contracts/what they’re working towards. Wondering whether their current rocket deceleration rates (when they land them successfully) at/near ones humans can stay conscious for? (we know we can design rockets so humans can stay conscious for the acceleration phases and still get into orbit).

Just to weigh in a bit. As far as advertising on the web goes, I will run ad block on and off. I agree with Mr Bacon on his view that blocking ads is detrimental to the content of the internet. I ALSO agree that ads can be intrusive. When I am searching and browsing Linux things which so FEW of the sites I visit have intrusive ads, I do not engage my ad blocker. However, I am a fitness geek too and when I go to read articles on SOME sites, the ads hammer and hammer you. It is incredibly annoying so UP goes the Ad blocker.

I actually like ads, I enjoy ads but I do NOT enjoy ads that interrupt me. If ads were to be gentle displays of something that interests me, I am more likely to explore what it is they have to offer.

On Android… I use Android but have become somewhat discontent with it. iPhone is no better. I do agree if it works for you, go for it but I find that current “smartphones” available do NOT fit my requirements. I don’t believe “Android has won” it is just currently winning. The game isn’t over.



(I used to just give a worried sigh when encountering something sketch on a website, now I indignantly think to myself “F$ck you, pay me if you want that!”)

That’s pretty much my reaction whenever a site wants me to do a survey for them. I’ve done user testing for hundreds of websites and would gladly help. Just not for free.

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So what happened to the list of demands in exchange for the domain name? Perhaps more importantly - will you be sharing any boxes of Space Raiders you receive as compensation?

I know, this is very cool!

I’m not engineer (apart from PHP/Python), it was great being explained how the intake air is cooled and used to drive the propellant pump.

I do too, it’s a nice idea, I hope it can be fully realised.

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I ended up getting a Chromebook with a touch more horsepower. I got an HP Chromebook 13 g1…
Operating system
Chrome OS™ 64
Processor family
6th Generation Intel® Core™ m3 processor
Intel® Core™ m3-6Y30 with Intel HD Graphics 515 (900 MHz, up to 2.2 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 4 MB cache, 2 cores)
Internal drive
32 GB eMMC
Intel® HD Graphics 515
So far it has been a very successful workhorse for what I do and I like the simplicity of the OS. I have not loaded Linux on it just yet but I have an Old HP14 G1 that I am thinking of updating the eMMC and BIOS so that I can load a full OS and not one that is crouton based. I have researched putting Windows 10 on an upgraded old CB and the HP14 has had the best success. If I can update the BIOS and get Windows to load and work from there turning it into a useful Linux machine should be easy.

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