2x11: Alexa play the Bad Voltage podcast

I once lived in Paisley in Western Scotland I shared a large flat with a local, a Jordie, and a Japanese man together with our girlfrends. My then girlfriend was from Dublin, one was.from Edinburgh and the other two were Glasgow girls.

I grew up in the Black country which has similarly strong but different accent, or do I mean dialect, So imagine the.problems Sir would have had. Especially given that all the lads worked for the same company and we had all spent a lot of time in Thailand so would often speak Thai to each other if we were struggling with each others accents or talking about something we didn’t want the girls to know, though we never told them it was anything other than accent

And I doubt that will stop Microsoft from claiming they have the most successful AI assistant of all time with 1.5 billion users!!!

The Internet existed long before companies decided they needed to “monitize” it, in fact I rather vividly remember the time when companies were trying to figure out how to milk the Internet for money. I have zero interest in advertising… I still remember (rather fondly actually) the pre WWW days, when everything was done at a unix prompt and there was little fluff to be found.

I also remember seeing a friend demo Mozaic 1.0 and the first words out of my mouth was “there goes the internet”.

It doesn’t matter what I think or do of course, the world and all it’s minions will forge ahead, demanding ever more convenience in spending their yet to be earned dollars.

Christian aka

Kaptain “retrogrouch” Zero

FWIW, I was an annoying little brat on compuserve :stuck_out_tongue: You may find sanctuary on GNU net now though.

Things being convenient is surely not problematic?

they just haz an update - but thats old news now.

apparently, the orig. Mycroft was supposed to come in three colors.

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